We All (Would) Have AIDS (If AIDS Was Caused By Sex)

Read about HIV Testing, AIDS drugs, AIDS and Sex, and the AIDS diagnosis.

And meet some of our esteemed panel of experts:

Nelson Mandela – Once against Apartheid, now for medical apartheid.
Desmond Tutu – Once against Apartheid, now for medical apartheid.
Zackie Achmat – South African eugenic drug advocate/”pharmawhore.”
Dr David Baltimore – AIDS mafioso, genocidal killer of hundreds of thousands of gay men, by prescription.
Bono – Guilt-ridden sex-terrified Irish Catholic chubby rock n’roller.
Richard Gere – Histrionic actor, immense and willing tool.
Whoopi Goldberg – Mouthy, unwitting sucker.
Tom Hanks – “Woody”, “Turner” (not Hooch); talented actor, not much of a critical thinker, apparently.
Elton John and David Furnish – Gay dudes doing their part to murder other gay dudes.
Ashley Judd – Not very smart sort of actress.
Alicia Keys – Talented singer getting suckered.
Larry Kramer – Founder and cause of Gay Men’s Health Crisis.
Mathilde Krim – Founding chairperson of Amfar, hoping to drug pregnant African women to death, pursuing ‘eugenic’ ends.
Rosie O’Donnell – Hungry lady.
Will Smith – Kind of actor-guy, doing his good-will for the Dianetics cause, confusing ‘blackness’ with ‘AIDS;’ Not as smart as he is friendly.
Dr Suniti Solomon – Hoping to do more population control on poor Indians.
Sharon Stone - “Look at me! Look at me! I’m still relevant!” (If you give her two bits, she’ll show you everything).
Elizabeth Taylor – Well, what can be said that hasn’t already been? Poor old Liz. Outlived her loves so…

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Good Evening,
Of course HIV exists, of course it causes AIDS.
It has been proved… er, so I have been told a million times.
Indeed, the numbers do not lie and the tests are highly accurate as the results of recent tests of mine show quite clearly.

Two tests – same tests, two different London hospitals!

1. Test date: 7 September 2010
CD4: 380
Viral Load: 20,000 approx (forgot to write down)

2. Test date: 13 September 2010
CD4: 300
Viral Load: 2,600

I am off now to look for fairies at the bottom of my garden.
Best wishes,


cd4 count can fluctuate within that range , its the % you need to look at .VL can also fluctuate so they will tell you they will never make a judgement off one read – they look for a ‘trend’ and measure it against other tests. VL is a silly measure to give to people and out dated – its not understood well in so called hiv disease.


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