The AIDS Industry Unveils Its New Fall Line

A new motto from those crackling geniuses at AIDS, Incorporated. Seems ‘true’ is ‘in’ this season. Let’s take a look at the preview!

Exciting stark black and white!

Yes, it seems that if they can’t beat you to death with fear, they’ll do it with drugs, and vice-versa. Here’s to the AIDS industry!

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Good line Liam,

and it’s about time those mafiosi of Aids Inc felt the heat…

They must have murdered several million by now.

And I’m not joking. Those drugs are poisonous, so is the diagnosis. “They tell you you must die…”


“They tell you you must die” – freely adapted from the Alabama song


Liam Reply:

Like it! Old Burtolt Brecht and Kurt Weil telling the story…


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