Russia Times Shows Western Media How to Report on Government-Scientific Fraud

by Liam Scheff
for RTB

When the Nation that gave the world “Pravda” is producing the only honest reporting on the international AIDS conference….well, we’re through the looking-glass, aren’t we?

The Russia Times does due diligence in exposing the AIDS fraud, by covering the conference of AIDS critics, which ran alongside the mainstream’s billion-dollar tin-cup-rattling (we want more money!) blow-out in Vienna, Austria, last week.

Dr. Christian Fiala, who organized the conference of AIDS critics, was surprised to find that the response of the AIDS mainstream, and the major media, was to put their fingers in their ears and hum:

Nevirapine is good!! AZT is good!! HIV tests are good!!!”

And so it was a nice surprise to see one news outlet cover the conference – the mainstream and critical – fairly, honestly – like JOURNALISTS USED TO DO, before they all became slavish whores, (or whorish slaves?) to the medical-industrial complex.

Go and read the coverage, and write the Russia Times to let them know you appreciate their lack of party loyalty to the NIH-WHO-CDC-Pfizer-Glaxo-Squibb KGB.

Russia Times on the AIDS Conferences:

AIDS: questions remain unanswered

Some believe there are different causes of AIDS, not just HIV, and cast doubt on the standard HIV test, which is based on detecting the presence of the HIV virus.

Joan Shenton, the founder of the Immunity Resource Foundation, says her organization has been challenging the conventional perception of HIV and AIDS for 24 years. According to Ms. Shenton, not only is the conventional treatment inefficient, but even conventional HIV tests are also not reliable.

“The HIV test is an absolute crime. You can test positive for HIV if you have 67 conditions… TB, syphilis, malaria, invasive mycosis,” says Joan Shenton.

“At the University of Surrey we put 35 samples through three different test kits. Two of the test kits showed pretty similar results, the third test kit showed 19 people who were in the sort of no-man’s area. One of the young people tested negative twice when we took him to London teaching hospitals, but he had tested positive three times in our blind trial.”


Doctor Claus Koehnlein, medical practitioner, noted the mistreatment of HIV patients within the framework of conventional medicine in the 1990s.

“I was witness of mass intoxication of the patients with AZT. AZT was the first recommended treatment and we all know today that it was much too high in the dosage. We gave 1500 mg on a daily basis and that virtually killed everybody who took this treatment. That is the reason why everybody believes that HIV is a deadly virus. There is still no proof for this assumption,” says Doctor Claus Koehnlein.

“The treatment nowadays is in some cases good for patients who have chemical AIDS, that means in the gay community, those who are taking drugs and getting AIDS after years – they [can benefit] from the treatment that is given today,” adds Mr. Koehnlein.

Read the articles [here and here], watch the video interviews, and let the press know that it is OKAY NECESSARY to cover SCIENTIFIC FRAUD OPENLY. They can take this article from the Russia Times as an instructional in how to represent two opposing views…

Und was ist das? Ein Journal aus Deutschland mit etwas interessiert:

HIV is ein Harmloss Virus

Wien (pte/15.07.2010/13:05) – “Die Krankheit Aids ist ein Dogma und hält nur Pharmafirmen, Wissenschaftler, NGOs und Hilfsorganisationen am Leben.” Diese strittige Behauptung liefern Forscher bei einer Pressekonferenz am heutigen Donnerstag. Anlass ist die internationale AIDS-Konferenz in Wien, in dessen Vorfeld auch ein Gegenkongress stattfindet. Bei den meisten Medizinern und auch selbst Betroffenen lösen solche Aussagen allerdings Entsetzen und Unverständnis aus.

“HIV ist ein harmloses Virus, das keinesfalls jene Krankheiten verursachen kann, die unter Aids definiert werden”, so der prominenteste Zweifler, der aus Deutschland stammende Krebsforscher Peter Duesberg von der Universität Berkeley. “Auslöser der Erkrankung ist in Europa nicht der HI-Virus, sondern Drogenmissbrauch oder Homosexualität. Die Todesfälle bei Aids sind auf die hochgiftigen Medikamente in der Therapie zurückzuführen.” Mehr Lesen…

Und jetzt Mehr!


And a late edition Aus Amerika!

And even More! With Robert Scott Bell on Nutrition, Toxicology and AIDS:

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