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RTB: HIV Tests? Who needs ‘em!

If you’re a gay man, and you’ve got a fever, you’re in the HIV tank, as far as Lucky Luc Montagnier and his colleagues are concerned….

Like we’ve been saying for a decade, AIDS is a clinical diagnosis of almost any illness in certain populations – and “HIV” is a result from a poly-reactive non-specific protein test. In order to be considered an AIDS patient, all you have to do is to fit a type, be in a pre-defined “risk group,” and have one of a thousand kinds of illness.

But don’t take our word for it, let the mainstream tell you how it goes in this House of Numbers exclusive.

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Then read Mike Adams’ report on positive HIV tests resulting AFTER HIV VACCINE TRIALS! And make sure to read all about HIV testing, and its many failures, right here at RTB’s HIV testing information center.

HIV vaccines cause 50 percent false positive rate in HIV tests

by Mike Adams
Natural Health News

It may come as a big surprise to most people, but HIV tests given to people today don’t actually test for the presence of the HIV virus. Rather, they test for the presence of HIV antibodies that the immune system creates to defend itself against HIV. And just because you have HIV antibodies doesn’t mean you actually carry HIV. In some circumstances, up to 50 percent of HIV positives are false, causing havoc with the lives of those patients who are falsely accused of being “HIV positive.”

This startling fact was revealed in a recent study that’s being published in the July 21 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. It shows that patients who are recruited for HIV vaccine trials often end up testing positive for HIV even though they were only exposed to the vaccine, not the virus.

“Almost half of HIV-negative people who participate in clinical trials for HIV vaccines end up testing positive on routine HIV tests — even though they’re not actually infected” reports US News & World Report.

Some vaccines caused a false positive rate of over 86 percent.

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