Perth Versus Duesberg

It’s an old story, but it’s rarely heard outside the inner circle of those arguing that mainstream AIDS theory is corrupt.
We have two argumentative hypotheses, both opposing the mainstream view, and opposing each other: One claiming a “harmless passenger virus,” and the other claiming “no isolation of a singular, identifiable particle.”

Who is correct, and why?

And when will the debate be televised, YouTube’d, and broadcast?

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What about generalizing the question to all DNA fragments extracted from tissue samples or bodily fluids. Isn’t it strange that people are being marked as ‘AIDS’ “infekcted whether they show the symptoms or not when their PCR comes out “positive”?

What about the DNA fagments found in people showing flu symptoms?

Did these fragments “invade” the host or are they formed in the boy? Are these fragments proof of an illness or are they formed when the body is healing?

Before these fragments were found in a sample did they belong to one entity? Is this entity “infectious”?

Where is the evidence?


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