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I now really see all the lies about hiv and aids. alot of money was put in to justifying testing, pure marketing to show it is a business and not a health concern, too much scare crow attitude in all the messages, bill boards and so one.

one that made it a true lie is when there was funding for adherence counsellors to ensure that the brain wash process is done thoroghly. The wall of lies that has been build in hiv and aids will need the whol world to holdf the handle of the sledge hammer. 30 years, needs us to talk all the time to knew people , those we know and those we do not know.

every one must get to a point where they doubt what they know, one they do, they will snoop and find the truth.

this lie is also applicable to other ills in society. governments prefer to have a fearful nation than a sane healthy nation .

i have never wished to be rich, but now i do because with money i can get messages out in to each ones head. the people must now compare the facts and the lies and make their own conclussion.

there is something that hiv and aids promotions brought on to humanity – woundology

Biography as Biology
by Dr Caroline Myss

hiv and aids testing and its couselling proceedures have made people think they need to be pitied and they can not do anything and they deserve to be given hand outs. i have never allowed that on my self, its a pull down syndrome- avoid it at all costs.

“on would say ” i have to be given govt free food basket because i am not well, i am hiv positive”.

This has destroyed the human race and has changed peoples thoughts from self reliance to dependence. people can not even hold it together for things that they alredy have like hope, society has lost the most important ingredients of life – HOPE and TRUST.


Hi Onnie,

thank you for your thoughts here, and on the web!



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