Christine Maggiore Stories

by Liam Scheff

I am writing with a request for help in a research matter. I am working on a book about the past few years, and want to include material on Christine Maggiore, the now-deceased founder of the now confoundingly-named “Alive and Well” Aids alternative group and website. Mrs. Maggiore died last year, suddenly, amidst controversy of false death-reports, but also while admittedly taking a number of prescription drugs at high doses. Her daughter died a few years earlier, having had an earache for weeks, and only being given an antibiotic at the end of a several week period, at which point the little girl seemed to have allergic reaction, and then died the next day. That death was also controversial in its official reporting, versus the review by autopsy. In both cases, I think many important details have gone more or less unreported.

Mrs. Maggiore was a lightning-rod of a public figure, and made herself the focus of a media campaign to argue against the mainstream view of AIDS causation. She was certainly reviled and attacked for her work, prior to any negative incident reported above. She was a brave figure, who asked the public to examine a piece of received wisdom that may be, in fact, deeply flawed.

However, Mrs. Maggiore failed to live up to her credo, “Alive and Well,” and it is my perception that asking “why” is, however difficult, also fair. It is my bias, based on inside information, that Mrs. Maggiore suffered health issues, and took pharmaceutical drugs earlier in her life, that she did not report widely, which may have contributed to her HIV test status. It was also my experience that actively maintaining her health at a high level was not a significant priority, or was neglected. This was visible to me during the time I briefly attempted to work with her, in 2003, and I have had similar reports from before and after.

I hope to give the fullest account of both of these horrible incidents, either critical or supportive, contrary to or supporting my own perception, taking in what is known from people familiar with the cases. If you have inside information, please do share with me what you know. I will keep your information private, if you request.

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And I will get back to you. If you are providing first or second-hand information, I will ask you to verify your information and identity.

Thank you for your time,

Liam Scheff

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