Ask DeBlasio Why: New York City Foster Children Used as Guinea Pigs

By Elizabeth Ely, guest contributor.

Imagine a city government without accountability. It can snatch children presumed to be HIV positive for supposed medical neglect, and not even evidence that they are well can stop it. Despite evidence that these children do better off drugs than on them — it’s the very reason they have been removed — the city enrolls them in experimental drug trials.

In other words, your city government is not accountable to its people, and its science is not even accountable to physical reality or the safety of its young test subjects.

This level of total control without accountability should be called totalitarian. In New York City, it’s called the foster care system.

My local city councilman, Bill de Blasio, is running for higher office. The office of the Public Advocate is supposed to bring accountability to city government, representing, as Bill says, “forgotten constituencies.” The problem is, he presided over a committee supervising an investigation of these abuses in the child welfare system. We got a four-year, $3 million sham investigation that didn’t even have access to the medical records of these children. In fact, the VERA institute, which was hired by the city to investigate the scandal refused to take their names when investigative reporter Liam Scheff offered them. [PDF]

Please join me at to “ask de Blasio why” he:

Let’s hold Bill accountable.

Upcoming Event: I’d love to meet you at the Park Slope Halloween Parade this Saturday night (Oct. 31, 2009). We have some flyers to hand out to parents at this family-friendly event.

Learn More: Incarnation Children’s Center Experiments [Link]:

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