HIV Vaccine – The Cure is the Disease

The NIH is running a study on people who turn up HIV positive After participating in clinical trials with the experimental HIV vaccine.

“The purpose of this study is to find out more about how persons respond to HIV-1 infection if they have received an experimental HIV-1 vaccine before they became HIV-infected. It is important to study people who have been given experimental HIV vaccines and who later became HIV-infected for several reasons. First, if HIV infection is found and then cleared, it is important to note the relationship between the virus and the vaccine. This may give an understanding of the immunity. A second reason is to better understand the immune response in those who received a vaccine compared to those who received placebo (no vaccine). If the vaccine does not prevent HIV infection, it will be important to study the progression of the disease. Understanding the immune response in vaccinated patients after infection and the impact on symptoms and disease progression may give valuable information for future vaccine trials and the effectiveness of HIV vaccines.”

Get the cure, then get the disease.

HIV positive after experimental vaccine;jsessionid=E4C71E8DE8BCDC51259C8C74B84AEB4C?order=24

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