Quinacrine sterilization (QS) experience in The Philippines: a preliminary report

ALFONSO L. A. (1) ; ALBANO H. A. (1) ;
(1) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, College of Medicine, Southwestern University, Cebu City, Cebu, PHILIPPINES

Objective: The first clinical trial of Quinacrine Sterilization (QS) in the Philippines was undertaken in Cebu City on January 10, 2000, to evaluate the acceptability, safety, effectiveness and side effects of this technology. We intend to recruit 500 patients to utilize this technique for limiting family size. For the purposes of this report, our cut-off date is April 11, 2003. Methods: Over more than two years, QS was performed on 36 volunteer patients. After careful explanation of the procedure and given the opportunity to ask questions, they had signed an informed consent. The trial involved transcervical insertion of 252 mg quinacrine in the form of pellets, and placed at the tip of the uterine fundus on two occasions, a month apart.

Condoms were routinely provided to all patients except those on oral contraceptive pills and DMPA after the first insertion to be used for six weeks after the second one. As the numbers are small, no statistical evaluation was called for. Results: The accumulated experience was 515 woman-months. There were no pregnancies, neither ectopic nor intrauterine. Adverse events (AE) were mild. Some patients complained of a yellow discharge and itching. Fifty percent experienced mild abdominal discomfort which was easily managed with mefenamic acid. Conclusions: Although this is a small study, we believe that QS is both safe and effective and we are strongly encouraged to continue to offer this nonsurgical sterilization method to our patients.

Revue / Journal Title
International journal of gynecology & obstetrics. Supplement ISSN 0924-8447
Source / Source
2003, vol. 83, no 2 (164 p.) (2 ref.), pp. S121-S123


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