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Pre-Empting World AIDS Day Radio Weekend

Join Liam Scheff, Robert Scott Bell, and a panel of guest researchers, journalists and scientists on a full-frontal exposure of the AIDS machine. Schedule: Saturday 6PM – “The Investigation with Liam Scheff” with special guest, journalist Terry Michael, to discuss the ‘old-is-new’ pre-HIV drug ‘therapy’ for healthy gay and bisexual men. The death dealers at [...]

For Gay Men, Even HIV Negative is HIV Positive

Below please find my 2003 interview with Dr. Dan Cohen, M.D. of Boston’s Fenway HIV/AIDS Clinic. (The interview was part of my research for The AIDS Debate series). You don’t have to guess where the clinic us located – no, not in Newton or Wellesley, home to the beautiful (straight) people. Yes, the clinic sits [...]

Polio – A Shot in the Dark

RTB presents a reprint of Janine Robert’s ground-breaking presentation of the story and data of the first great success of the modern pharmaceutical era: The Polio Vaccine. What is revealed beneath the gloss of press releases and public hagiography is story that leaves you wondering if anything the public health authorities tell us is actually, [...]

Meeting Africa – Interview with Professor Charles Geshekter

by Liam Scheff “They say in Africa, when an old man dies, it’s like a library has burned down.” – African Proverb “Challenging Scientism” talks with Charles Geshekter, Professor Emeritus of African History about Africa, Somalia, the great granite continent, a field researcher’s work, and good things to eat…all in a spot that’s a mystery [...]

HIV Tests are Not HIV Tests

Professor Henry Bauer in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: “Tests for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) do not detect HIV; they respond “positive” to a wide range of physiological conditions. The seminal papers from Gallo’s laboratory did not demonstrate HIV to be the cause of AIDS. The patent based on those papers did not [...]

The Incredible Chin – A House of Numbers Special

AIDS is (once again) Over – “Virus Burning Itself Out” Say Officials

HIV burning itself out - AP

by Liam Scheff It was just last year that the “heterosexual epidemic” was over. And now, suddenly, yes… here it is again. In fact, it was over in 1996. So the experts now say. Yes, it’s not the science was always bogus, pliable beyond reason, infected with a filthy rottenness that made Enron look like [...]

Africa: Treating Poverty With Toxic Drugs

By Liam Scheff AIDS Debate Part Three Reprinted from the Boston Weekly Dig, June 4, 2003 “As to diseases, make a habit of two things-to help, or at least to do no harm.” -Hippocrates, 5th Century B.C.E. Greek Physician, regarded as the father of medicine. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS, 42 [...]

CDC to American Public: Pandemic on the Way! No, Really! No, We Mean… Really! Be AFRAID! And Get Vaccinated! No, REALLY, We’re SERIOUS This Time! No, We Really Are! Come On! Do What We Say!


“I wish they had tested and that I knew for sure whether they had it. I’m not anxious to give them an experimental vaccine if they don’t need it.” However, the CDC recommendation for those who had “probable” or “presumed” H1N1 flu to go ahead and get vaccinated anyway means the relatively small proportion of [...]

How are You Surviving the Swine Flu?

RTB: The editors hope you are well and not snorting too badly. We are watching the CDC/WHO’s new panic project with waning interest, but note that they keep bringing in the fear and terror, wherever they can. Below we provide an informal “cocktail” of material you may take with a grain of salt, as an [...]

How a Continuing Polio Epidemic is being Hidden

Excerpt from a chapter of “Fear of the Invisible” by Janine Roberts I have been told again and again by health authorities that the polio vaccine is a marvellous lifesaver – and I had accepted this on trust. As no one I knew doubted this, I had no reason to question it. I knew however [...]

Aids in Africa – Myths of Sex

Sacramento Bee, October 30, 1994, FORUM; Pg. FO1 HEADLINE: MYTHS OF AIDS AND SEX BYLINE: Charles L. Geshekter BODY: THE POSTER is seen in Kenya. Below a lurid picture of a worm wriggling through a human heart, the caption reads: “Careless sex is a fruit with a worm in it. AIDS.” At the 10th International [...]

The Writing is on the Wall for UNAIDS

by Liam Scheff May 26th, 2008 — The mainstream medical community is beginning to understand the limits of the Aids venture into Africa. Persons who are serious about improving the lives of the poorest in the world are thinking twice about the monies spent on the Aids campaign. There is a call for the permanent [...]

There Will Be No Heterosexual AIDS Epidemic, Experts Admit


by Liam Scheff June 11th, 2008 Published at GNN, June 2008 – An orphan in New York City receiving Aids drugs – was he ever really infected?


RTB: What is an “hiv test”? A test that is only considered accurate for persons for whom they’re considered to be accurate…That is, they are a test for no one particular thing – but they are subjected to a social bias. “[B]efore we screen low-risk groups for antibody to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), we [...]