ANC Today – Nevirapine, drugs & African guinea pigs – December 2004

Letter from the “ANC (African National Congress) Today” on the Nevirapine scandal. “Michael Hensley said it seemed to him that despite the known adverse effects of the drug, the NIH was very keen to expedite “the implementation of nevirapine in South Africa.” Jesse Jackson wrote that “We should stop discounting the lives of Africans”.”

Nevirapine and the Risk of Stevens Johnsons Syndrome


Nevirapine and the risk of Stevens±Johns [attached] – Nevirapine Toxicity. Yes, that’s the result of an Aids drug. Yes, we give it to human beings. The characteristics of the 15 patients exposed to nevirapine are presented in Table 1. They were four women and 11 men aged 21±59 years (median, 35 years), 10 were from [...]