Probiotics may ease gut problems in people with HIV/AIDS

By Stephen Daniells, 04-Feb-2008 Related topics: Research, Dairy-based ingredients, Probiotics and prebiotics, Immune system Probiotic supplements may ease the suffering from diarrhoea and nausea amongst people with HIV and AIDS, suggests a joint study by African and Canadian researchers.

Carotenoid supplements linked to improved AIDS survival

By Stephen Daniells, 10-Nov-2006 Related topics: Research, Antioxidants, carotenoids, Immune system A daily high-dose carotenoid supplement restored carotenoid levels and reduced “overall mortality” of AIDS patients, a group at risk of low serum carotenoid concentrations said to be predictor of death, according to new research from Canada. The research highlights the need of further research [...]

Vitamin C and S.I.D.S – Every Second Child


“One research worker in the laboratory had been immunizing animals against diseases like tetanus and Diptheria.  His experience showed that after being immunized, some of the animals died suddenly within 24 hours.  These deaths had been attributed to anaphylaxis.  Authorities the world over had decided that this was so (it is a severe allergic reaction).  [...]

Discovery Shows New Vitamin C Health Benefits

ScienceDaily (Jan. 12, 2005) — CORVALLIS – Researchers in the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University have made a major discovery about the way vitamin C functions in the human body – a breakthrough that may help explain its possible value in preventing cancer and heart disease.

Methylation Therapy

Biomedical Frontiers: Winter/Spring 1996, Vol.3, No.2 Research Advance Methylation Therapy Researchers are developing therapies for AIDS and cancer that rely on a naturally occurring defense system within cells. This defense system, which is based on methylation of cytosines in DNA, is being used to inactivate deleterious genes. Normally, cytosine methylation of promoters acts to restrict [...]

Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

By Cal Crilly, 27 May 2006 edited by Fintan Dunne, Editor MyLongLife.com “HIV is so 80′s. That’s why it’s called a retro virus.” Download as PDF Section 1 “First of all I’m not qualified. I’ve been an electronics factory worker for the last decade. I’ve done half a year part-time of university biology but discovered [...]