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Tina Van Der Maas – AIDS Hero

RTB: We are pleased to present Tine (Tina) van der Maas’ health regimen; it has helped hundreds of Africans suffering the blight of immune deficiency – AIDS – not caused by an invisible single particle, but by prolonged exposure to a toxic, nutrition-starved environment. The more the pharma-petrol cabal tries to diminish her accomplishments, the [...]

PCR Breakdown! Today on the Robert Scott Bell Show

Today on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Investigative journalist Liam Scheff returns with the shocking truth about polio and the polio vaccine! Also, what is it that they don’t want you to know about Smallpox? We’ll also dismantle the scientific myth that Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests can actually provide evidence of microbial causation [...]

Diamonds, Opium and AIDS on the Air!

Join Liam Scheff and guests for this weekend’s radio-paloooza! Listen live or download MP3 for later, on the Intel Hub. Toll Free Call In Number: 1 (877) 598-8549 or 646-727-3387. Sunday 7PM EST – Join Liam and special guest Dr. Nancy Turner Banks as Dr. Banks reveals the Opium and Diamond connections and underpinnings of [...]

False Positive or Negative PCR Viral Load in Pregnant Woman in Zaire

HIV Positive, HIV Negative. The ‘twain often meet. HIV tests have no standards, give reactions for dozens to hundreds of known and unknown reasons. Here a woman in Zaire, described as “immundeficient” with tuburculosis, and pregnant, is put through a ‘viral load’ run-around. She is positive and negative. And that’s HIV testing, folks. Which is [...]

AIDS Eugenics in Uganda

“PLUSNews Uganda: Julius Ochen, a resident of Amuria, told IRIN/PlusNews that he had stopped taking his HIV medication. “When you take these drugs without eating, they make you weak and reduce your strength – you feel like vomiting,” he said. “It’s true that TB drugs and ARVs are very strong; if taken without food, they [...]

AIDS is (once again) Over – “Virus Burning Itself Out” Say Officials

HIV burning itself out - AP

by Liam Scheff It was just last year that the “heterosexual epidemic” was over. And now, suddenly, yes… here it is again. In fact, it was over in 1996. So the experts now say. Yes, it’s not the science was always bogus, pliable beyond reason, infected with a filthy rottenness that made Enron look like [...]

Africa: Treating Poverty With Toxic Drugs

By Liam Scheff AIDS Debate Part Three Reprinted from the Boston Weekly Dig, June 4, 2003 “As to diseases, make a habit of two things-to help, or at least to do no harm.” -Hippocrates, 5th Century B.C.E. Greek Physician, regarded as the father of medicine. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS, 42 [...]

World AIDS Day Special – House of Numbers Video and Web Zine


by Liam Scheff Happy World AIDS Day. Time to rethink the whole thing… Let’s watch and listen to an uncensored interview with Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier, “co-discoverer of HIV,” with Brent Leung, director of the new film, “House of Numbers,” now making festival rounds, on its way to theaters, and shaking up a rotten [...]

Africa, Malthus and Eugenics

by Liam Scheff A few thoughts on African loss of life (and eugenics), for those for whom history began before 1979. We’re told that Africa has an AIDS problem. I used to think this was so. But after copious reading research and discussion, I am more than fairly convinced that Africa has a number of [...]

AIDS is to be diagnosed with different symptoms in Africa

From Fear of the Invisible (2008) Janine Roberts It is common knowledge that AIDS in Africa is rampant, that it affects men and women alike, and is destroying the population and economic prospects of Sub-Saharan Africa. Everyone also thinks, as I have for most of my life, that AIDS in the West and Africa has [...]

On World Water Day, A Call for Improved Sanitation

audio clip

Source: By William Eagle Washington 20 March 2008 report on World Water Day – Download (MP3) report on World Water Day – Listen (MP3) Sanitation is the theme of this year’s World Water Day (March 20). UN development agencies are calling for greater public awareness and donor support for improving sanitation in the developing [...]

Nearly 40 percent of world’s population lacks access to a proper toilet

Source: The Nation’s Health May 2008 Sixty-two per cent of Africans do not have access to an improved sanitation facility — a proper toilet — which separates human waste from human contact, according to the World Health Organization/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation. A global report will be published later this [...]

Water diaries tell of life in Cambodia


Source: 20 Mar 2008 10:25:00 GMT Written by: Becky Webb – A man transports his floating house up river near Chong Khneas floating village in Cambodia. REUTERS/Tim Chong Even now, during the dry season, water seems to penetrate all aspects of Cambodian culture. Thousands of Cambodians earn their living by rice farming, while many [...]

World Water Day – UNICEF


Source: 6 in 10 Africans remain without access to proper toilet: poor sanitation threatens public health GENEVA, 20 March 2008 – Sixty-two percent of Africans do not have access to an improved sanitation facility — a proper toilet — which separates human waste from human contact, according to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for [...]

Water and Sanitation

Source: Every eight seconds a child dies of a water-related disease. Every year more than five million human beings die from illnesses linked to unsafe drinking water, unclean domestic environments and improper excreta disposal. At any given time perhaps one-half of all peoples in the developing world are suffering from one or more of [...]