April Boden Reveals Big Pharma’s Plan to Destroy California’s Children

by Liam Scheff for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News On Tuesday’s Robert Scott Bell Show (10-10-11) April Boden, vaccine activist, blogger and mother of a vaccine-damaged six-year-old in California, revealed her deeply insightful take on the politics of the two – count them, two – vaccine bills, that were just passed by [...]

PCR Breakdown! Today on the Robert Scott Bell Show

Today on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Investigative journalist Liam Scheff returns with the shocking truth about polio and the polio vaccine! Also, what is it that they don’t want you to know about Smallpox? We’ll also dismantle the scientific myth that Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests can actually provide evidence of microbial causation [...]

Pre-Empting World AIDS Day Radio Weekend

Join Liam Scheff, Robert Scott Bell, and a panel of guest researchers, journalists and scientists on a full-frontal exposure of the AIDS machine. Schedule: Saturday 6PM – “The Investigation with Liam Scheff” with special guest, journalist Terry Michael, to discuss the ‘old-is-new’ pre-HIV drug ‘therapy’ for healthy gay and bisexual men. The death dealers at [...]

AIDS Eugenics Industry’s Woman of the Year

by Liam Scheff The AIDS Industry now wants to own all of women’s bodies; not only by drugging them before, during and after pregnancy, but by turning them into pill dispensers for their new-borns: In order to reduce the transmission of HIV from mother to baby during breastfeeding, scientists are developing a low-cost, modified nipple [...]

Did You Know That HIV Tests Come Up Positive For Pregnancy?

Join the HIV Innocence Project… Read more about HIV testing…

AIDS Clinical Trials Now Enrolling

Clinical Trials and Side Effects. All yours for the price of being at the head of the line.

Polio – A Shot in the Dark

RTB presents a reprint of Janine Robert’s ground-breaking presentation of the story and data of the first great success of the modern pharmaceutical era: The Polio Vaccine. What is revealed beneath the gloss of press releases and public hagiography is story that leaves you wondering if anything the public health authorities tell us is actually, [...]

Soon We Will All Be AIDS Patients

by Liam Scheff Special for Nationalized Health Care – mandatory and without option of refusal – sits on our doorstep. It knocks, and for our sake, the President and lady speaker have saved us from answering the door. It will enter, with or without our consent. How will you benefit from socialized medicine? The [...]

Infanticide in African AIDS Clinics?

RTB: What is troubling Africans – HIV or Malaria and Poverty? What are the results of excluding non-HIV positive children from medical treatment? This hidden camera interview in Uganda tells the story. This interview shows a reality you’ll never see in the Western press. Independent researcher Ricci Davis interviews a technician working at Mildmay AIDS [...]

Do Anti-Retroviral Drugs Save Lives?

Dr. David Rasnick tells the unauthorized version of the “life-saving AIDS drug” story. Good complimentary reading is the patients-seeking-help pages at [Here and Here]. RTB’s view: If you want these drugs, you should be permitted to take them. If you do not, you should be permitted to refuse, without bias or prejudice, and certainly [...]

How Many is Too Many? A Question for John P. Moore, et al.

by Liam Scheff A public request for the record, for the cadre: Dr. John P. Moore, Mr. Seth Kalichman, Ms. Jean Bergman, and company: I have been for years now impressed by the doggedness with which the AIDSTruth group has done everything in its power to bury, hide, obfuscate, libel, slander, and mostly squirrel [...]

Darren Main Grills Peter Duesberg on Christine Maggiore’s Death


by Liam Scheff Exclusive for RTB. In his November, 2009 podcast, “Urban Mystic” Darren Main grills Dr. Peter Duesberg on the death of his ‘prize pupil’ Christine Maggiore. [Click to listen] Darren Main puts the question to Duesberg: After the loss of a public figure who followed his work, does he hold with his hypothesis? [...]

Ask DeBlasio Why: New York City Foster Children Used as Guinea Pigs

By Elizabeth Ely, guest contributor. Imagine a city government without accountability. It can snatch children presumed to be HIV positive for supposed medical neglect, and not even evidence that they are well can stop it. Despite evidence that these children do better off drugs than on them — it’s the very reason they have been [...]

The 11th Commandment – AIDS, Sex and Society

RTB: Liam Scheff Interview on Fintan Dunne’s AIDS is by Liam Scheff In August of 2008, I gave an interview to Fintan Dunne of and We discussed the religious/cult dynamic of the AIDS industry and the catch-22 in which those who uncritically accept the paradigm find themselves. We went over the events [...]

Poor Families Pressed Into Vaccine Trials by Drug Companies; 12 Babies Die

“Because they can’t experiment in Europe or the United States, they come to do it in third-world countries” RTB: The dirty secret of international pharmaceutical business is that testing dangerous drugs is easier where human rights laws don’t apply – ie, in poor populations worldwide, and especially, outside of the US and Europe. by David [...]