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HIV Test Fraud Liberation Day

by Liam Scheff for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News It may come as a shock to realize that if everyone in the world who was supposed to be HIV positive, suddenly no longer cared about this designation, and returned the diagnosis and red ribbon to the doctor or clinician who gave it [...]

Video-Palooza – House of Numbers and the Sweaty Palms HIV Test

RTB: HIV Tests? Who needs ‘em! If you’re a gay man, and you’ve got a fever, you’re in the HIV tank, as far as Lucky Luc Montagnier and his colleagues are concerned…. Like we’ve been saying for a decade, AIDS is a clinical diagnosis of almost any illness in certain populations – and “HIV” is [...]

How HIV Causes AIDS – the Mainstream View – A House of Numbers Special – Redux!

From their mouths to your ears – it’s the AIDS mainstream, showing a little unexpected humility. What’s beneath the surface of all this doubt? From “House of Numbers,” now on Apple iTunes, and Amazon Video on Demand, and coming to DVD tres vite. Be there, or be nowhere…

House of Numbers Update – Now Available on iTunes

Get your piping hot download of “House of Numbers,” the award-winning ass-kicking documentary by Brent Leung that takes on the corrupt AIDS medical establishment and shows ‘em what for… Download iTunes Here. | Open iTunes Here. And get ready for the expanded, all-you-can-eat DVD release, with 32 featurettes not seen in theaters, including hours of [...]

House of Numbers Available Now on Video on Demand

House of Numbers is now available to over 50 million homes throughout North America via Video on Demand. HoN will also be streaming to millions more through Apple iTunes and’s V.O.D. HoN will be available for purchase on DVD this summer. Amazon Video on Demand | iTunes Trailer | Facebook Announcement

Robert Scott Bell-Palooza – Health Freedom Expo Chicago!

Robert Scott Bell on Health Freedom – defending your rights Savagely: (Click to play, right click to download) RSB Pt1 5-25-10 RSB Pt2 5-25-10 Health Freedom Expo Chicago – June 4-6! Come See Robert Scott Bell and Liam Scheff at the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago, This Weekend, June 4-6. Robert will be hosting a [...]

An On/Off Switch for Retroviruses – Can it be that Simple?

Young Turks

H-E-R-V not H-I-V An On/Off Switch for Retroviruses – Can it be that Simple? by Liam Scheff First, this is an area of exploration I’ve been reaching into, but am now firmly committed to, with many thanks to Cal Crilly (who I believe we are all indebted to) for leading the way. I hope you’ll [...]

How to Scare the Bleep Out of the American People – Lessons from the AIDS Industry – A House of Numbers Exclusive

In this exclusive clip from House of Numbers, amFAR* founder, Dr. Joseph Sonnabend talks about his split with the group over their “scam” of the American public – the invention of “Heterosexual AIDS.” (* amFAR – the American Foundation for AIDS research. Their happy slogan is “40 million infected, none cured.” They don’t mention that [...]

Testing Wars! A House of Numbers Special

Dr. Claudia Kücherer, of the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, saves the world from the diabolical confusion of HIV testing… See more at

Super Padian

The Incredible Chin – A House of Numbers Special

Mighty Monty – A House of Numbers Special

House of Numbers Special – Drs. Robin Weiss and Niel Constantine

BANG! POW!! Watch as Drs. Robin Weiss and Niel Constantine give the skinny on HIV testing! Standards? What standards!? Watch the video, repost the pictures, download the web zine, collect and share ‘em all! (Now with Bonus Peter Piot! [see bottom of page for details!)

AIDS is (once again) Over – “Virus Burning Itself Out” Say Officials

HIV burning itself out - AP

by Liam Scheff It was just last year that the “heterosexual epidemic” was over. And now, suddenly, yes… here it is again. In fact, it was over in 1996. So the experts now say. Yes, it’s not the science was always bogus, pliable beyond reason, infected with a filthy rottenness that made Enron look like [...]

World AIDS Day Special – House of Numbers Video and Web Zine


by Liam Scheff Happy World AIDS Day. Time to rethink the whole thing… Let’s watch and listen to an uncensored interview with Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier, “co-discoverer of HIV,” with Brent Leung, director of the new film, “House of Numbers,” now making festival rounds, on its way to theaters, and shaking up a rotten [...]