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Join Liam Scheff at the Alive and Healthy Conference in March in Long Beach

Join Me at the Alive and Healthy Conference in March in Long Beach Pre-register for one day – $49.00. Save 16 dollars off the door price. See full event prices at the site (below). Mention my name “Liam” and get a discount on hotel rooms: Visit the Event Page Hosted by Vaishali Love and a [...]

Reason Magazine Becomes Momentarily Reasonable – Please Join the Conversation

RTB: An important update on the OMSJ’s courtroom exposure of the fraud of HIV testing and a chance for you to participate in the discussion. (With thanks to Terry Michael for forwarding the news). In a continuation of the paradigm-shifting Fort Bragg case, (the libertarian publication) just posted a lengthy piece on the military [...]

HIV Tests Die On Trial…Again!

RTB: HIV tests really do not test for HIV. The case, closed Tuesday, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, put a sergeant on trial for “spreading HIV.” But, did he “spread” anything? Except some willing partner’s legs?? Sorry, but. What did he really “spread?” Was he really “HIV positive?” The answer came from the judge. A [...]

Screwing More HIV Positives is Good For You, Says AIDS Establishment (Or, What to Wear When the Mainstream Commits Suicide)

RTB: We don’t even begin to know what to do when the mainstream begins to openly commit public suicide, but cheer. From PLoS Pathogens, and a cancer research group in Seattle, we now have the following theory: Have sex with as many HIV positives as possible, to protect you from…yes, that’s right. HIV. No, you [...]

Understanding HIV Testing, for Beginners

RTB: HIV Tests have no standards, and come up positive for nearly every disease known to humankind, if you bother to read the medical literature on the subject. But this information is never offered to patients, or to the general public by the media. The implications of these facts are profound – millions and millions [...]

Urgent Breaking News – Regimen for Radiation

by Jonathan Campbell The Japanese nuclear emergency has taken a turn for the worse. There are now at least five nuclear reactors that are in jeopardy, and three of them are assumed to have had partial meltdowns as a result of loss of coolant as a result of earthquake damage to the main pumping [...]

Pre-Empting World AIDS Day Radio Weekend

Join Liam Scheff, Robert Scott Bell, and a panel of guest researchers, journalists and scientists on a full-frontal exposure of the AIDS machine. Schedule: Saturday 6PM – “The Investigation with Liam Scheff” with special guest, journalist Terry Michael, to discuss the ‘old-is-new’ pre-HIV drug ‘therapy’ for healthy gay and bisexual men. The death dealers at [...]

Does the NIH Want to Kill All Gay Men (or is it Just Tired of Selling AIDS to the General Public)?

by Liam Scheff The AIDS industry has been so firmly exposed by the work of whistle-blowers, medical activists, scientists, researchers and journalists, it’s more naked than Lady Godiva after a rude haircut; it’s more nude than the Emperor who wore no clothes on the day he decided to really let it all hang out… It’s [...]

Denying Padian – Take the Wikipedia Challenge

by Liam Scheff In 1997, Dr. Nancy Padian, of the University of California, Berkeley, published the longest study on Heterosexual transmission of HIV ever recorded. An above-average AIDS researcher, she was careful to exclude injection drug users in her study, as she wanted to test one thing and one thing only: “Doin’ it.” And so, [...]

US Government to Ireland: HIV Positivity is Not a Communicable Disease of Public Health Significance

RTB: The US Government admits what HIV test makers have said all along: HIV tests don’t mean a thing (from the Embassy of the United States in Ireland): NONIMMIGRANT VISAS Effective January 4, 2010 HIV Infection is Removed from the CDC List of Communicable Diseases of Public Health Significance On November 2, the Department of [...]

Mighty Monty – A House of Numbers Special

Darren Main Grills Peter Duesberg on Christine Maggiore’s Death


by Liam Scheff Exclusive for RTB. In his November, 2009 podcast, “Urban Mystic” Darren Main grills Dr. Peter Duesberg on the death of his ‘prize pupil’ Christine Maggiore. [Click to listen] Darren Main puts the question to Duesberg: After the loss of a public figure who followed his work, does he hold with his hypothesis? [...]

Christine Maggiore Stories

by Liam Scheff I am writing with a request for help in a research matter. I am working on a book about the past few years, and want to include material on Christine Maggiore, the now-deceased founder of the now confoundingly-named “Alive and Well” Aids alternative group and website. Mrs. Maggiore died last year, suddenly, [...]

Listen Up – Health Care Freedom Will Be Gone Before You Know It! Listen and Act NOW.

by Liam Scheff Listen to the broadcast  – Robert Scott Bell on Obama, Reed and Pelosi (and big Pharma’s) buyout and criminalization of your right to treat yourself  with natural medicine: Part One | Part Two. Wake up my fellow Americans, and listen: Unless you are a drug-addicted pharma zombie, “Health Care Reform” is going [...]

HIV is More Difficult to Transmit than Most STDs – Dr. Nancy Padian, from her 10-Year Study


What do you know about AIDS and Sex? Who is Nancy Padian, and why is her study – the longest and best on HIV transmission – censored from the Wikipedia pages on both HIV and AIDS? Why does Dr. Padian’s own Wikipedia page censor all of her findings? by Liam Scheff. – Image from House [...]