Urgent Breaking News – Regimen for Radiation

by Jonathan Campbell The Japanese nuclear emergency has taken a turn for the worse. There are now at least five nuclear reactors that are in jeopardy, and three of them are assumed to have had partial meltdowns as a result of loss of coolant as a result of earthquake damage to the main pumping [...]

AIDS Industry Scores a Win: Fear, Shame and Guilt Taint Once Happy Practices of Chinese Prostitution

by Liam Scheff From China, home of the current push in the ‘scare people to death with the AIDS diagnosis‘ racket: Many of them who have symptoms live in a self-imposed exile, avoiding family members and public places because they are afraid of spreading the disease. “I joined the chat room because I was sure [...]

AIDS is (once again) Over – “Virus Burning Itself Out” Say Officials

HIV burning itself out - AP

by Liam Scheff It was just last year that the “heterosexual epidemic” was over. And now, suddenly, yes… here it is again. In fact, it was over in 1996. So the experts now say. Yes, it’s not the science was always bogus, pliable beyond reason, infected with a filthy rottenness that made Enron look like [...]

China: Free AIDS Drugs Trigger Strong Side Effects


“The taste of the medicine is quite bad. Before taking it I still could do farming work. But after I took the medicine I became so uncomfortable that I could not do anything,” an unnamed villager said. Doctors at the grassroots level give free medicine to every person with the HIV virus without strictly considering [...]

China – HIV Positive Man Turns Negative, But More Tests On the Way


RTB: This report demonstrates what a fluid, polyreactive and non-standardized test means in practice: No result is necessarily permanent. “Free AIDS tests pledged in China,” the report immediately following, lets us know that the push is on to get more poor, rural Chinese onto the AIDS test and drug regimen. What is AIDS in rural [...]