Viral Load and T Cells

Parasitic Worm Infections Increase Susceptibility To AIDS Viruses

ScienceDaily (July 24, 2008) — Persons infected with schistosomes, and possibly other parasitic worm infections, may be more likely to become infected with HIV than persons without worm infections, according to a new study. Researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, United States) and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical [...]

Four Papers on ‘Aids’ that Make You Say, WTF?!

Malaria Causes Aids, Nevirapine Doesn’t Help (even though it hurts), Viral Load Tests Don’t Really Work, Viral Load Tests Don’t Work For Sh*t. Feel free to thread the needle with these, and tell me how they weave together…

MMWR 2001 – Variation among Major Brand Aids PCR

MMWR 2001 – Variation among Major Brand [attached] Your ‘Viral Load’ is either 3,849 … or 118,000 … or 259,018 – depending on the lab which is running your test – with the same sample. What do these tests measure? What do they mean? Depends on your risk group. These tests are used to keep [...]

HIV Testing Section

Know your rights: You have a right to informed consent, a right to read and review all critical literature on a medical procedure before agreeing to undergo it.

Testing PDFs

Antibody Confirmation Tanzania.pdf Amfar-Propaganda.pdf AIDS-NoHIV-Ghana.pdf AIDS Surveillance Africa Case Defns.pdf AIDS Virus-HIV Test Abbott Labs Australia-Guidelines-for-Interpretting-HIV-Test-Results.pdf CDC-Instruction-for-Test-Interpretation.pdf Cervicovaginal Antibodies (Negative women test positive).pdf Cows-Goats-Babies-Test-Positive.pdf Dogs-Test-Positive.pdf False-Positives-in-Pregnancy-Hispanic.pdf [HTML Link] Fallibility Of Western Blot.pdf False Positive HIV Test.pdf False-Positive-from-two-sequential-ELISA.pdf FalsePositiveELISA-1993.pdf False-Positive-HIV-Lupus.pdf False-Positive-WB.pdf False Negative Antibody HIV.pdf False Positive HIV because of HepB.pdf Flu Vaccine Causes HIV Positive.pdf [...]