Human Sterilization

Official Stories Chapter Excerpt – Survival of the Fittest

A preview of “Official Stories,” from Ch. 8 “Darwin is Dead.” What is Darwinism? What does it actually offer? Is it a science, or a philosophy? We’ll explore the question – and get some hard answers in the book.   Survival of the Fittest by Liam Scheff, from “Official Stories.” We have grown up with [...]

The 11th Commandment – AIDS, Sex and Society

RTB: Liam Scheff Interview on Fintan Dunne’s AIDS is by Liam Scheff In August of 2008, I gave an interview to Fintan Dunne of and We discussed the religious/cult dynamic of the AIDS industry and the catch-22 in which those who uncritically accept the paradigm find themselves. We went over the events [...]

The AIDS Apartheidists Attack House of Numbers

For General Release: House of Numbers is a new film which does good investigative journalism in researching the nature of the AIDS industry. The film reveals deep-seated corruption within an industry that now has total control of the lives of tens of millions worldwide. Have you ever heard of an investigation of the AIDS industry? [...]

Sterilizing the Poor in the Modern Era: Laparoscopic Sterilization in Camps

RTB: The worldwide push to limit sexual reproduction in poor countries is hidden from Western view; it does not occur in plain sight in the US or Europe, but it does in India and Asia. Laparoscopic sterilization in camps and institutional set-up. J Postgrad Med 1985;31:20 Mhatre PN, Parulekar SV, Purandare VN. :: Introduction Voluntary [...]

The Sterilization of America: A Cautionary History

RTB: “Eugenics, a word all but removed from America’s lexicon after World War II, is the science of improving the human race through controlled breeding.” The Sterilization of America: A Cautionary History “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for [...]

Indian Sterilization Camp Photos – by Nick Rain

RTB: Sterilization camps and programs are an often-hidden but widely funded and enacted part of the long 20th Century’s attention to reducing populations in poor, non-European countries, and then, among the poor and indigent, or any others considered ‘undesirable’ or lower-class in Europe and America. Text and photos by Nick Rain, photographer. Copyright Nick Rain, [...]

The Temptation of Totalitarian Birth Control

Human Nature, People in a democratic country wouldn’t let their government restrict family size … would they? Yes, they would. Agence France Presse reports: More than 80 percent of Filipinos support family planning and almost half believe the government should limit the number of children a couple can have, according to a survey released [...]

Norplant: A New Contraceptive with the Potential for Abuse

ACLU (1/31/1994) What Is Wrong With Using Norplant As A Condition Of Sentencing Or Welfare Benefits? What Is Norplant? Norplant is a new contraceptive that became commercially available in the United States in February, 1991, after its approval by the Food and Drug Administration. Norplant consists of six matchstick-size silicone capsules that are inserted in [...]

Sterilization of girls with intellectual disabilities in Thailand

DPI-AP 2008 News item A number of women with intellectual disabilities are sterilized in their adolescence in Thailand. There is no legal basis for this. It seems many medical professionals, as a standard practice, advise parents of girls with intellectual disabilities to have their children sterilized and many parents follow this advice.

The demographic impact of sterilization: programmatic implications

Title: The demographic impact of sterilization: programmatic implications. SEIMS S, SCHIMA ME, LIU GK Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 26-28, 1979. 10 p Abstract: Information is provided in tabulated form on the demographic effect of female sterilization in Bangladesh and Thailand, including: 1) age distribution [...]

Sterilization Effects (Thailand)

Abstract For many years, female sterilization by tubal occlusion has been practiced in developing countries. To date, there has been little research into possible side effects resulting from this procedure. This project will enable the Chulalongkorn Hospital Medical School of Thailand to investigate any abnormal ovarian disturbances and uterine bleeding caused by this method of [...]

India’s compulsory sterilization laws: the human right of family planning.

The Marharashtra Family Act requires that if a couple has 3 living children one of the parents be sterilized, unless the children are of the same sex.

Quinacrine sterilization (QS) experience in The Philippines: a preliminary report

ALFONSO L. A. (1) ; ALBANO H. A. (1) ; (1) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, College of Medicine, Southwestern University, Cebu City, Cebu, PHILIPPINES Objective: The first clinical trial of Quinacrine Sterilization (QS) in the Philippines was undertaken in Cebu City on January 10, 2000, to evaluate the acceptability, safety, effectiveness and side effects [...]

Eugenic Sterilization and a Qualified Nazi Analogy: The United States and Germany, 1930-1945

André N. Sofair, MD, MPH, and Lauris C. Kaldjian, MD 15 February 2000 | Volume 132 Issue 4 | Pages 312-319 In the United States and Germany before World War II, physicians participated in state-authorized eugenic sterilization programs in an attempt to prevent persons deemed to possess undesirable heritable characteristics from propagating. A comparison of [...]

Eugenics: The Impulse Never Dies

Counterpunch March 6, 2000 In Monroe, Louisiana, Kathy Looney, 29, convicted of abusing three of her eight children, was ordered at the end of February to undergo medical sterilization or face lengthy jail time. District Judge Carl V. Sharp issued a 10-year suspended sentence and placed Looney on five years of probation. “I don’t want [...]