Video – Syphillis and AIDS in the 1980s

RTB: A fascinating look back at a confusing and conflicted era; this video by Colman Jones takes a deep look at the many problems and processes, and multiple infections driving early AIDS or GRID-type immune suppression. Of note is the role of undiagnosed syphilis, as well as the danger of antibiotic use for immune suppression.

Syphilis and Aids – the Great Imitator

A Call for a Re-evaluation of the AIDS Dogma By Matt Sullivan / RCFP A paper about to be published in a scientific journal raises the intriguing possibility that many AIDS cases are in fact misdiagnosed cases of syphilis. The paper was authored by an International group of scientists led by National Academy of Sciences [...]

Syphilis Shocker

Is there AIDS clue in “negative” tests that come back positive? Colman Jones, NOW Toronto, 2000, Vol 19, No. 48 Ontario health officials have made a shocking discovery that threatens to blow the roof off conventional thinking about a dangerous sexually-transmitted infection — syphilis — and how to test for it among people at risk [...]

Rise in syphilis rate creates fear of AIDS spike: Most cases among gay, bisexual men San Francisco Chronicle – Friday, November 1, 2002 Christopher Heredia, Chronicle Staff Writer Reversing a 10-year trend, syphilis rates rose nationally in 2001, raising concerns that the spread of the sexually transmitted disease could lead to a resurgence of HIV infections, federal health officials said Thursday. While the number of new infections went up [...]

AIDS in the 1990s: More Questions than Answers by Colman Jones As scientists prepare for yet another AIDS conference, the outlook remains unremittingly bleak. Despite billions of dollars worth of research over the last decade, a cure or preventive vaccine for AIDS remains out of reach. This impasse, coupled with a rising infection rate in the Third World, have led both medical [...]

‘The Great Scourge’: Syphilis as a medical problem and moral metaphor, 1880-1916 Lesley A. Hall Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, London This paper was written for the Courtauld Institute Symposium, 23 May 1998, on ‘Le Grand Mort. Twentieth Century Bodies, Sexuality, Death and Degeneracy’. Some of the material also appears in my chapter on VD in the UK from the Contagious Diseases Acts to [...]

Syphilis spikes upward in SF . Published 10/02/2008 by Matthew S. Bajko Syphilis is on the rise again in San Francisco, a reversal of years of declining rates first noted three years ago. From January through August of this year, the city reported 341 early syphilis cases, a 54 percent increase over the same period in 2007. Including late [...]

Neurosyphilis, Then and Now

Source: P&S Medical Review: Apr 1995, Vol.2, No.2 H. Houston Merritt and Leonidas Stefanis, M.D. and Lewis P. Rowland, M.D. Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, N.Y. Houston Merritt was the Chair of Neurology at Columbia-Presbyterian from 1948 to 1967. He was Dean of the College of Physicians and Surgeons from [...]

Syphilis and AIDS: The Ominous Prospect

Source: Spin Magazine, 2000 by Colman Jones . This is the final draft of an article originally commissioned for SPIN Magazine’s “AIDS: Words from the Front” Column. Editing by Alyssa Katz. In the AIDS era, it’s easy to forget that sex has always been fraught with complications. Before the release of penicillin during World [...]