Cocaine and Street Drugs

Is the AIDS CD4 T-Cell Test a Measure of Fat?

RTB: We’re pleased to present another research essay by Cal Crilly. Cal has provided some truly groundbreaking work in understanding ‘Why retroviruses appear in autoimmune disease, cancer and Aids,’ and we recommend that you read his entire oeuvre, or body of work here at RTB, to follow his often whimsical journeys into wonderful and remarkable [...]

Video – Liam Scheff on AIDS Drug Experiments in NYC Orphans

RTB: Liam Scheff talks about his long investigation into orphans used in NIH drug trials in New York City. Subtitles in Spanish.

Crack, Heroin and AZT: Creating the Aids Diagnosis in NYC Drug Addicts

“I know that some of you are taking medication. We have been distributing AZT from this clinic for years now. Do you think that the medicine has helped?” “I can’t sleep at all since I tried it,” offered a woman staring into her folded arms. “I can’t get no one to help me get to [...]

Women with HIV who regularly use crack are three times more likely to die

Gus Cairns, Wednesday, June 25, 2008 A US survey of 1686 women with HIV on antiretroviral treatment has found that the 29% who regularly or intermittently used crack cocaine were nearly 60% more likely to develop an AIDS-defining illness, and the 3.2% who used it persistently were three times more likely to die. It also [...]

Crack Cocaine’s Effect on HIV Disease Progression in Women: What Are the Major Outcomes? Despite the central role of substance use in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic, the role of individual substances on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease progression has been a complicated puzzle. Cook and colleagues studied the impact of crack cocaine use among 1686 HIV-seropositive women in the Women’s Interagency Cohort Study between 1996 and [...]

Crack cocaine: effect modifier of RNA viral load and CD4 count in HIV infected African American women. This report supports a view of deleterious effects due to cocaine use in humans. University of Miami School of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Miami, FL 33136, USA. [email protected]

Cocaine and Intensity of H.I.V. Are Related in a Study of Mice February 15, 2002 By DENISE GRADY Research in mice may help explain something that doctors have noticed in people who are infected with H.I.V.: cocaine use seems to make the disease progress faster and lead to more of the opportunistic infections that are the hallmark of AIDS.

AIDS Gets A Kick-Start From Cocaine, Study Finds

By Maggie Fox Health and Science Correspondent 2-15-2 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Cocaine not only makes people act recklessly — having unsafe sex that can lead to HIV infection — it can also give the virus a kick-start, scientists reported on Thursday. Tests in mice show that cocaine helps the virus spread faster in the body, [...]

Women, Cocaine and HIV

Seattle Treatment Education Project Women, Cocaine and HIV A “BABES Perspective” October 27, 2003 Most people know that cocaine is “not good for you,” but many do not know of the harmful effects cocaine has in a person infected with HIV. There have been a few studies completed in the past few years on the [...]

Cocaine Dramatically Accelerates HIV Infection

For the first time, UCLA AIDS Institute scientists have demonstrated in an animal model that cocaine use dramatically accelerates the spread of HIV infection. Offering a useful tool for examining other HIV-related risk factors, their findings are reported today in the online edition of the Journal of Infectious Diseases. “Cocaine not only influences risky behaviors,” [...]

Drinking Increases HIV Progression

Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy Progress Faster By Buddy T, Updated: July 17, 2008 In the United States, alcohol problems appear to be more prevalent among people with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) than among the general population. Both alcohol abuse and HIV infection are believed to compromise immune function. In fact, alcohol use may [...]

Link Between HIV Disease Progression And Alcohol Consumption

Article Date: 23 Aug 2007 – 5:00 PDT Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have found a link between alcohol consumption and HIV disease progression in HIV-infected persons. The study appears online in the August issue of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. Alcohol use is common among HIV-infected persons, and its [...]

Heterosexual transmission of HIV-1 associated with the use of smokable freebase cocaine – crack

1: AIDS. 1991 Sep;5(9):1121-6. Chiasson MA, Stoneburner RL, Hildebrandt DS, Ewing WE, Telzak EE, Jaffe HW. New York City Department of Health, AIDS Research Unit, New York 10013. A study of risk factors for HIV-1 infection was conducted at a sexually transmitted disease clinic in an area of New York City where the cumulative incidence [...]

Alcohol consumption increases HIV disease progression of patients receiving antiretroviral therapy

Both alcohol abuse and HIV infection are believed to compromise immune function. A new study evaluates the relationship between alcohol consumption and HIV disease progression among patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). HIV-infected patients with a history of alcohol problems, who are receiving HAART, and are currently drinking, have greater HIV progression than those [...]

Alcohol Researchers Show “Friendly” Virus Slows HIV Cell Growth

ScienceDaily (Sep. 6, 2001) — A team of alcohol researchers led by Jack Stapleton, M.D., (of the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa College of Medicine and the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Medical Center), report in the September 6 New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 345, 2001 (Effect of co-infection with GB virus type [...]