Reason Magazine Becomes Momentarily Reasonable – Please Join the Conversation

RTB: An important update on the OMSJ’s courtroom exposure of the fraud of HIV testing and a chance for you to participate in the discussion. (With thanks to Terry Michael for forwarding the news). In a continuation of the paradigm-shifting Fort Bragg case, (the libertarian publication) just posted a lengthy piece on the military [...]

Official Stories – The Book – Table of Contents

Official Stories by Liam Scheff © 2012 For sale June 1, 2012   “Official stories exist to protect officials.” With the opening line as our guide, we pry open the vault of “official-dom” and see what lies beneath. Drawing information from 10 years of investigative journalism, Liam invites you to join the hunt for the [...]

HIV Tests Die On Trial…Again!

RTB: HIV tests really do not test for HIV. The case, closed Tuesday, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, put a sergeant on trial for “spreading HIV.” But, did he “spread” anything? Except some willing partner’s legs?? Sorry, but. What did he really “spread?” Was he really “HIV positive?” The answer came from the judge. A [...]