South Africa

Eugenics is Today’s AIDS Science

by Liam Scheff Population control, anyone? “Yes!” Say these eugenicists: Project Prevention is already operating in parts of Kenya, where it is paying women living with HIV U$40 to accept long-term contraception. A doctor is paid U$7 per patient. In Kenya, Project Prevention is working in Nyanza province where they place woman in groups of [...]

Meeting Africa – Interview with Professor Charles Geshekter

by Liam Scheff “They say in Africa, when an old man dies, it’s like a library has burned down.” – African Proverb “Challenging Scientism” talks with Charles Geshekter, Professor Emeritus of African History about Africa, Somalia, the great granite continent, a field researcher’s work, and good things to eat…all in a spot that’s a mystery [...]

What Would White South Africa Do?

RTB: White men fighting to give very toxic drugs to Africans, for the purposes of curtailing their sexual problems. (or so says the gov’t). Dressed up in pharmaceutical garb, it’s the same old song. The medical literature abounds with reports on the often fatal effects of AZT, a drug given to pregnant African women who [...]

Scientific Racism in Modern South Africa


At Amazon, and Google books. Product Description This is the first full-length study of the history of intellectual and scientific racism in modern South Africa. Ranging broadly across disciplines in the social sciences, sciences and humanities, it charts the rise of scientific racism during the late nineteenth century and the subsequent decline of biological determinism [...]

AIDS is to be diagnosed with different symptoms in Africa

From Fear of the Invisible (2008) Janine Roberts It is common knowledge that AIDS in Africa is rampant, that it affects men and women alike, and is destroying the population and economic prospects of Sub-Saharan Africa. Everyone also thinks, as I have for most of my life, that AIDS in the West and Africa has [...]

Parasitic worms could fuel Aids – Reuters

23/07/2008 08:54 – (SA) Source: Reuters. Washington – People infected with parasitic worms may be much more susceptible to the Aids virus, according to a study published on Tuesday that may help explain why HIV has hit sub-Saharan Africa particularly hard. The study involving monkeys demonstrated how a type of parasitic worm that causes schistosomiasis, [...]

Country of My Skull Review In the year following South Africa’s first democratic elections, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established to investigate human rights abuses committed under the apartheid regime. Presided over by God’s own diplomat, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the first hearings of the commission were held in April 1996. During the following two years of hearings, [...]

Truth and Lies

From Publishers Weekly South African photographer Jillian Edelstein’s stark, memorable black-and-white photographs are the centerpiece of Truth & Lies: Stories from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. Between 1996 and 2000, Edelstein photographed dozens of victims, witnesses and perpetrators ANC activists, apartheid police officers and government officials, family members of those tortured and [...]

Unfinished Business: South Africa, Apartheid and Truth

Review “A brilliant and important book that should be read by everybody interested in the truth behind the ‘truth and reconciliation’ hype of the new South Arica. In the finest tradtiions of fearless, independent journalism, Terry Bell reveals the cover-ups and charades that allowed the shock troops of apartheid to get away with a crime [...]