The Stigma

Lifelong AIDS Alliance’s Symbol

What does it mean? On the surface, it simply appears to be two red ribbons connected seamlessly to each other. But what well-known symbol does the joining of the red ribbons create? The infinity symbol. We’ve moved beyond ‘lifelong’ into forever. AIDS forever? The diagnosis itself is considered irreversible. Perhaps that’s what LAA is telling [...]

The Science of Voodoo: When Mind Attacks Body

“If everyone treats you as if you are dying, you buy into it. Everything in your whole being becomes about dying.”

A Snake in Your Pocket

RTB: This 1995 book looks at the stigma of the HIV diagnosis, and the terror placed on sexual contact by the AIDS industry, despite what AIDS studies actually report about Sex and AIDS. HIV-Negative: How the Uninfected Are Affected by AIDS Chapter 8 A Snake in Your Pocket Claude Dupont I DON’T THINK gay men [...]

Does The New York Times Want to Kill Gay Men?

RTB: The New York Times, NIH and World Health Organization conspire to drug the third world – and gay men in the U.S. with AIDS drugs – when they are healthy…andHIV negative. by Liam Scheff GNN May 25, 2006 AIDS drugs for HIV negatives: the dangerous new trend in AIDS medicine Viread: the feel-good drug

Driven to Suicide by Stigma of HIV

RTB: Reduce the burden of the diagnosis, remove the stigma. Here is the stigma in action. Bio-Medicine A 15-year-old Indian boy, Santosh Baniya whose parents were diagnosed with HIV was driven to suicide because of the stigma associated with the disease. Santosh Baniya succumbed to his burn injuries after he set himself on fire in [...]

Families of HIV Patients Ostracised


RTB: The major media practices “sympathetic” scientific racism. The BBC discuss the deadly stigma and burden of the HIV diagnosis, without examining or investigating the actual basis for the diagnosis – the non-specific, over-reaching and over-stated HIV Test result. BBC News Monday, 15 October 2007 By Amarnath Tewary Bihar Rabinder Paswan and his wife Rupa [...]

Oprah Talks False-Positive HIV Tests

RTB: Before she knew who to be afraid of, Oprah Winfrey revealed the faulty nature of the HIV tests, as well as the deadly burden and stigma of the diagnosis. The videos are numbered 1a – b, 2, 3a – b and 4. Cycle through the videos in the pop-up toolbar on the video player.

This Positive Life: An Interview With Damaries Cruz

Damaries Cruz

RTB: This lovely woman was given the HIV Positive diagnosis in 1991. Her status and treatment: Holistic, Essential Nutrients, No Drugs, Healthy. How long did it take you to go see a doctor? I went at the beginning, and then after that I didn’t go. I take care of myself now, but I kind of [...]

HIV-Affected Woman Faces Social Ostracism

RTB: What is the fate of people given an irrevocable, fatal diagnosis? A diagnosis that itself is too hard, too deterministic, and is based on poly-reactive testing technology, which is misused to give this same diagnosis. The Hindu Kendrapara (Orissa), Aug 5 Making a mockery of the campaigns to educate public about AIDS, villagers at [...]

Senator Opposes HIV Testing for Pregnant Women

RTB: The media reports on a controversy in HIV testing – but it’s a false controversy, that does highlight the reactive – but uncritical – stance of AIDS activists against homophobia. The reporter and editors imagine they’re reporting on an issue of religious intolerance and sexual bigotry; the editorial position is in favor of testing [...]

Are People Who Test Hiv Positive Allowed to Get Sick Like Everybody Else?

People given the overstated and poly-reactive HIV test diagnosis have a deadly stigma placed around their necks. It is assumed that any cold, allergy, flu, or bit of exhaustion that they suffer is a sure sign that they will soon be dead. But people who don’t have the HIV test diagnosis are allowed to be [...]

Crack, Heroin and AZT: Creating the Aids Diagnosis in NYC Drug Addicts

“I know that some of you are taking medication. We have been distributing AZT from this clinic for years now. Do you think that the medicine has helped?” “I can’t sleep at all since I tried it,” offered a woman staring into her folded arms. “I can’t get no one to help me get to [...]

Side Effects – Letters to The

RTB says – “Ask the Experts – real letters from real patients to the ‘experts’ at the What the Aids industry won’t tell you about Aids drugs, these people are living it. Ask the Experts about Managing Side Effects of HIV Treatment Lactic Acidosis=Death? Jun 18, 2003 Hello – I’m a 32-year old man [...]

HIV/AIDS and stigma – South African MRC

RTB Says – The mainstream outlines the very stigma it has created with the over-reaching and brutalizing Hiv test and Aids diagnosis. HIV/AIDS and stigma S.A.MRC 2007 Introduction Stigma is a common human reaction to disease. Throughout history many diseases have carried considerable stigma, including leprosy, tuberculosis, cancer, mental illness, and many sexually transmitted diseases. [...]

Abuse and HIV Status Linked To Suicide Risk

March 22, 2005 Women who are HIV-positive or are abused are more likely to think about or attempt suicide, according to a new study by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, George Washington University and St. Michael’s Hospital, in Toronto, Canada. The Hopkins study, consistent with previous research, sheds new light [...]