The Stigma

HIV Disease

by Liam Scheff Chapter Six of “Official Stories” explains why this is true: If you or someone you know believes you are “HIV positive,” then you have a new kind of disease. The disease of believing people who tell you that you are infected with something specific, when you’re not. That’s “HIV disease.” What people [...]

Oppression Unlimited – New Film

RTB: A new film on our friends in London at HEAL “Oppression Unlimited” is the story of Mike Hersee’s ex-lover, Cornelius Abraham, who died at the young age of 22 years old. His HIV positive diagnosis was just one of the many oppressing obstacles in his life. Cornelius was born with a heart defect, but [...]

Liam Scheff on HIV Test Mythology

RTB: Liam Scheff covers the origin and mythology of AIDS, and the fraud of HIV testing. Listen to internet radio with Intel News Network on Blog Talk Radio HIV Test Mythology | Download

The HIV Innocence Project – Spread the Word

RTB: An important update from the OMSJ If you have been charged with an HIV-related crime or civil action – or you represent someone in such action, contact OMSJ immediately. In 2008, a Texas court sentenced Willie Campbell to 35 years in prison for spitting at a police officer. A year later, Philippe Padieu faced [...]

A Shooting Gallery and an Hour Glass – Part Two

RTB is presents part two from a long-term observer and participant in the AIDS war, who has written an explorative, insightful essay in two parts for ReduceTheBurden. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

A Shooting Gallery and an Hour Glass – Part One

RTB is pleased to present a considered piece of writing from a long-term observer and participant in the AIDS war, who has written an explorative, insightful essay in two parts for ReduceTheBurden. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

Updated: This Sunday on the Robert Scott Bell Show – 9/19/2010 – “SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT!”

Tune in this Sunday! Hour Two (2pm eastern time): “What Black Box Warning?” or Teach A Doctor How to Read – AIDS may be the death of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Why? Because the lies are piled so high that when they are fully discovered, there is likely no recovery. From HIV tests to HIV, [...]

We All (Would) Have AIDS (If AIDS Was Caused By Sex)

Read about HIV Testing, AIDS drugs, AIDS and Sex, and the AIDS diagnosis. And meet some of our esteemed panel of experts: Nelson Mandela – Once against Apartheid, now for medical apartheid. Desmond Tutu – Once against Apartheid, now for medical apartheid. Zackie Achmat – South African eugenic drug advocate/”pharmawhore.” Dr David Baltimore – AIDS [...]

Does AIDS Cause HIV?

by Liam Scheff for How we’ve gotten AIDS wrong for 25 years, and how to fix it… Those ‘in the know,’ who read and scour and search the medical literature on AIDS and HIV testing, are well aware that neither of these belief systems works according to their promised plan. Here’s how it was [...]

The Emotional Truth of HIV Testing

by Liam Scheff for RTB In my eight and a half years of reading about HIV testing, I’ve yet to find a single piece of the published medical record that brought me to believe that HIV tests were anything more than a public farce, a poly-reactive, non-specific hoop that the chosen unlucky are led to [...]

In Defence of AIDS Critics – New Article in the Gay and Lesbian Humanist

RTB: Veteran in the AIDS War, John Lauritsen, writes a strong piece in this month’s G&L Humanist: Here, the AIDS dissident John Lauritsen looks at one piece of ridicule in particular, and questions why he was not allowed to write a reasoned reply in a British humanist publication. Profits of the “AIDS industry” run into [...]

US Government to Ireland: HIV Positivity is Not a Communicable Disease of Public Health Significance

RTB: The US Government admits what HIV test makers have said all along: HIV tests don’t mean a thing (from the Embassy of the United States in Ireland): NONIMMIGRANT VISAS Effective January 4, 2010 HIV Infection is Removed from the CDC List of Communicable Diseases of Public Health Significance On November 2, the Department of [...]

For Gay Men, Even HIV Negative is HIV Positive

Below please find my 2003 interview with Dr. Dan Cohen, M.D. of Boston’s Fenway HIV/AIDS Clinic. (The interview was part of my research for The AIDS Debate series). You don’t have to guess where the clinic us located – no, not in Newton or Wellesley, home to the beautiful (straight) people. Yes, the clinic sits [...]

Exclusive: AIDS in Uganda – Malaria and Suicide

by Ricci Davis Independent investigator Ricci Davis interviews Bright, a Ugandan man whose brother-in-law was diagnosed with AIDS, and the tragedy that ensued. Davis uncovers the confusion regarding believed rates of official “transmission,” a lack of HIV testing in AIDS cases, and the nature of illness called AIDS – i.e. malaria and endemic diseases of [...]

HIV Testing in Uganda – In the Clinic

by Ricci Davis. Ricci Davis, independent investigator, interviews a worker in an HIV test clinic in Kampala, Uganda (2009). Watch the Video Text (Ricci Davis):  I’ve just stepped into my local clinic in Kampala to inquire about the perceived accuracy of HIV antibody tests. Davis:  So how accurate are these? A: How? Davis: How accurate [...]