HIV Drugs Make You Sick and Can Kill You

by Liam Scheff In 1998, Edmond McNack, a Missouri Sheriff’s Deputy, was bitten by a prisoner he was transporting. Both he and the prisoner were given HIV tests; both tested negative. It was determined that for safety’s sake, Edmond should take a “prophylactic” course of AIDS drugs (AZT plus 3TC). He did so, and lost [...]

Robert Scott Bell on the Dietary Supplements Safety Act

Health Freedom – It’s not just for activists anymore. Do you take Vitamin C? Do you drink ginger tea? How long will you be able to ‘treat’ yourself with these ‘dangerous supplements’ as Obama-care clamps itself tightly down? Listen to radio’s Robert Scott Bell lay out the fight ahead. Part One: [Audio clip: view full [...]

Attack of the FDA – Robert Scott Bell Exclusive!

They came for our tryptophan, and I said nothing… They came for our ephedra, and I said nothing… They came for our vitamin B, and I said nothing… Part 1: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Part 2: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Part 3: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] [...]

Listen Up – Health Care Freedom Will Be Gone Before You Know It! Listen and Act NOW.

by Liam Scheff Listen to the broadcast  – Robert Scott Bell on Obama, Reed and Pelosi (and big Pharma’s) buyout and criminalization of your right to treat yourself  with natural medicine: Part One | Part Two. Wake up my fellow Americans, and listen: Unless you are a drug-addicted pharma zombie, “Health Care Reform” is going [...]

HIV Testing Reviewed – Radio Interview with HIV Test Designer

The Communicators, with Leroy Baylor WHCR 90.3 FM The Voice of Harlem July 20, 2008 An interview with Rodney Richards Audio – 33 Minutes Shockwave Audio Player: For a direct audio download, click here Read More about Testing