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Urgent Breaking News – Regimen for Radiation

by Jonathan Campbell The Japanese nuclear emergency has taken a turn for the worse. There are now at least five nuclear reactors that are in jeopardy, and three of them are assumed to have had partial meltdowns as a result of loss of coolant as a result of earthquake damage to the main pumping [...]

A Regimen for Health – Part 3 by Jonathan Campbell

Maintenance Regimen for The Natural AIDS/CFS Therapy by Jonathan Campbell, Natural Health Consultant [] for RTB. See Parts 1 and 2 Once you have successfully eliminated the disease agents in your body and your health is restored, you will need to keep up a strong immune system maintenance regimen to prevent re-occurrence. The following nutrients [...]

A Regimen for Health – part 2

Step by Step Introduction to the Natural AIDS/CFIDS Therapy By Jonathan Campbell, Natural Health Consultant [] In order to allow your body to heal itself and overcome immune deficiency, the Natural AIDS/CFIDS Therapy floods your body with specific nutrients to both enhance your immune system and also take specific steps to address the actions of [...]

A Regimen for Health – part 1

A Natural Therapy for AIDS/CFS/CFIDS By Jonathan Campbell, Natural Health Consultant [] What do you do if you test positive for HIV? If you test “positive” or reactive on HIV test, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and many doctors will tell you that you have an incurable, death-certificate disease, and that you have [...]