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Pharmaceutical Solutions To AIDS Are Not Enough

by Jonathan Barnett A recent phone conversation with a friend is helping me to continue to refine what I want to focus on as an AIDS dissident activist. In a passionate outburst that revealed a new side of his character, he blurted out his dismay that our society in general and our gay community in [...]

Quitting Drugs Is Not Enough

Some folks who have read my story about quitting AIDS drugs and nearly two dozen other prescription drugs seem to think I attribute my improved health to that choice alone. It isn’t that simple. There is no doubt in my mind that taking so many prescription drugs, even under the care of physicians, was damaging [...]

Quitting AIDS drugs OK, say Italian researchers

LOTTI stands for the LOng Term Treatment Interruption study, which recently reported that “Scheduled Treatment Interruptions” (STI) for toxic AIDS drug cocktails do work. Although some results from the LOTTI study were first reported back in November, 2008, the complete report wasn’t published in the journal AIDS until April, 2009 and was finally published on [...]

Mandatory “voluntary” testing and drugging healthy people will end epidemic. Maybe.

RTB: Where to start with deciphering this study, which isn’t really a study at all? The headline shouts “voluntary” testing, but the researchers admit that the “mathematical models” (another red flag for AIDS research studies) used would require that “all persons 15 years of age and older [be] tested annually,” with those testing positive then [...]

Hit Hard, Hit Early Redux

RTB: A retrospective study and editorial published in the New England Journal of Medicine yesterday is once again pushing for early intervention with toxic drugs for those testing positive on flawed tests, based on questionable markers. Most people will not read beyond the headline or the one-sentence conclusion. If they did, they would realize that [...]

Hitching TB to the AIDS bandwagon

RTB: Tuberculosis is one of dozens of conditions that can cause a so-called HIV antibody test to react “positive”. In Africa the symptoms of TB can be easily misdiagnosed as “AIDS”, based on the Bangui definition which defines African AIDS as a collection of symptoms caused by poor nutrition and lack of clean water, including [...]

AIDS Drugs Make Patients Older, Faster

RTB: This 2009 study reports that people who test HIV-positive, and who take AIDS drugs show characteristics of advanced aging in their T-Cells  – in other words, these people were older than their calendar age. All of the ‘positive’ trial participants are on a multiple-drug “cocktail” of FDA Black Box label drugs, meaning any of [...]