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Lifelong AIDS Alliance’s Symbol

What does it mean? On the surface, it simply appears to be two red ribbons connected seamlessly to each other. But what well-known symbol does the joining of the red ribbons create? The infinity symbol. We’ve moved beyond ‘lifelong’ into forever. AIDS forever? The diagnosis itself is considered irreversible. Perhaps that’s what LAA is telling [...]

Scientists faking results and omitting unwanted findings in research

RTB:  From the Telegraph… Faking results and omitting inconvenient truths in scientific research is more widespread than originally thought, a study suggests. More than two-thirds of researchers said they knew of colleagues who had committed “questionable” practices and one in seven said that included inventing findings.

The Science of Voodoo: When Mind Attacks Body

“If everyone treats you as if you are dying, you buy into it. Everything in your whole being becomes about dying.”

Senator Opposes HIV Testing for Pregnant Women

RTB: The media reports on a controversy in HIV testing – but it’s a false controversy, that does highlight the reactive – but uncritical – stance of AIDS activists against homophobia. The reporter and editors imagine they’re reporting on an issue of religious intolerance and sexual bigotry; the editorial position is in favor of testing [...]