Why The Wart Virus is Not the Cause of Cervical Cancer

RTB: As the Gardisil vaccine continues to maim and kill girls and young women worldwide, Cal Crilly has investigated a plausible and more likely cause of cervical cancer – which occurs not in little girls, but middle-aged and older women. The link – Pharmaceutical hormones fed to women – ie Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – and  chemcals used in gasoline and sexual lubricants – parabens, and Benzene.

Why The Wart Virus is Not the Cause of Cervical Cancer

by Cal Crilly

Well I watched my mother in law dying horribly from cervical cancer 6 years ago and I’m probably lucky I was politely given a divorce so I didn’t get to see the last year of her demise. It was devastating for my ex.

In the years before getting cervical cancer my mother in law was put on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to help menopausal symptoms, millions of older women are on this hormone which stimulates cancer growth if it ever happens. And millions more are on the pill which also stimulates cancer growth.

Of course there is a massive propaganda campaign at the moment to sell the Gardasil vaccine to young girls in the false belief that some sort of immunity from the wart virus will save them later in life.

Is that vaccine safe?

  • “As of January 31, 2010, there have been 49 U.S. reports of death among females who have received Gardasil.”
  • Reports of Health Concerns Following HPV Vaccination.
  • Meet the Gardasil Girls
  • NY legislators push Gardasil mandate as more deaths are reported [Link]
  • Another Gardasil HPV vaccine victim [Link]
  • Another Gardasil death?: One irate letter to the NZ ministry of health [Link]
  • Grieving mother blames cancer vaccine [Link]

So are the adverse affects such as immediate death and brain damage worth the risk as compared to possibly? getting cervical cancer later in life?

Also note that there are 100 different strains of wart virus and the HPV vaccine is only for a few of them. And especially when the wart virus may not be the MAIN cause of cervical cancer?

“A vaccine against human papilloma virus 16 (HPV16)— which is the most common type of HPV and accounts for most cases of cervical cancer — has previously been shown to protect against HPV16 infection in women. However, most of the women in these studies were taking oral contraceptives, which regulate menstruation and production of sex hormones.” [Link]

Well if most of the women in these studies who got cervical cancer were taking oral contraceptives then that completely contradicts the claim that human papilloma virus accounts for most cases of cervical cancer.

The obvious risk is from doctors prescribing the pill which is why this study is hidden from the public: “To read this article in full you may need to log in, make a payment or gain access through a site license.”

So what about HRT, I blamed it directly for causing my mother-in-law’s death so what have they got to say about that?

Anything that causes cervical cancer will cause breast cancer as well because these are cancers of reproductive organs: “Current use of hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) increases the incidence of breast cancer. Half the women had used HRT.” This is a study of one million women.

“The relative risks were significantly increased separately for oral, transdermal, and implanted oestrogen-only formulations…In current users of each type of HRT the risk of breast cancer increased with increasing total duration of use.”

They finish the study with this devastating conclusion:

“Use of HRT by women aged 50-64 years in the UK over the past decade has resulted in an estimated 20000 extra breast cancers, 15000 associated with oestrogen-progestagen; the extra deaths cannot yet be reliably estimated. INTERPRETATION: Current use of HRT is associated with an increased risk of incident and fatal breast cancer; the effect is substantially greater for oestrogen-progestagen combinations than for other types of HRT.”

Breast cancer and hormone-replacement therapy in the Million Women Study. [Link]

And this study was published 7 years ago and we are still prescribing HRT. And the extra deaths from cervical cancer due to this drug “cannot yet be reliably estimated.”

Or haven’t been yet because they are scared to. So this is why lawyers are litigating to stop use of this product and winning every case.

“Brett Hendricks, a former sales representative for Wyeth, provided riveting testimony regarding his twenty-one year career with the largest manufacturer of hormone replacement therapy drugs that outlined the organized deception of doctors and patients that plaintiffs contend overstated the benefits of HRT therapy while concealing the risks.

“That’s how we were trained,” Hendricks said. “To offset any bad publicity, we would redirect and emphasize the benefits of the product and say the benefits far outweighed any problems that might be out there.”

On the stand, Hendricks confirmed Wyeth’s marketing strategy that had already been laid out in the millions of pages of documents produced by Wyeth and others in the HRT litigation that has been pending for more than five years. Wyeth sales representatives were encouraged to engage in aggressive, one-on-one sales tactics with prescribing physicians to supplement the manufacturer’s advertising plan which included overselling the benefits of HRT drugs, discrediting scientific studies that raised any questions about safety (especially breast cancer risks), criticizing physicians who chose safer alternative drugs or counseled their patients on the option of not taking any HRT drugs at all, and pushing menopausal women to take combination hormone product drugs from the onset of menopause (or perhaps even before) and to continue taking the drugs throughout the rest of their lives.”

HRT sales rep whistleblower admits improper promotion [Link]

“Proving once again its ability to manage a large number of complex cases, the Philadelphia Complex Litigation Department remains the most active court in the country when it comes to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) litigation. Last month a jury returned a compensatory damages award of $3.45 million for the Plaintiff and her husband against Wyeth. This case was very important because the woman continued to take HRT even after the landmark Women’s Health Initiative study was terminated prematurely because so many women were getting breast cancer.

Additionally, the jury found that $6 million in punitive damages was warranted to punish Wyeth for its egregious conduct. This was the 13th time in a row that a jury, after hearing all the evidence, has ruled for a victim of HRT and awarded over a million dollars in actual damages.” Thirteen Straight Court Victories for Victims in HRT Litigation

This next researcher ACTUALLY says “even taking hormone tablets.” is a risk for getting Breast Cancer but doesn’t mention the fact that half of our older women are on this stuff.

And the pill does the same, I’m not advocating stopping the use of the pill as women need birth control but really HRT will have to be taken off the market if they seriously want to address the huge increases in Breast and Cervical cancer.

You can’t say in a study that sustained exposure to female hormones of estrogen and progesterone will increase risk of cancer and then fluff on about finding a way to stop it after HRT has already given you cancer….

“TONY EASTLEY: Scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne say they can finally explain why breast cancer occurs when there’s increased exposure to female hormones. Researchers say it now paves the way for new treatment methods for breast cancer.

BRONWYN HERBERT: There’s been decades of evidence linking breast cancer risk to the exposure to female hormones of oestrogen and progesterone. But no one has known exactly why this is the case.

Now scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute say they’ve made a significant breakthrough in understanding how this could be. Dr Geoff Lindeman is a medical oncologist with the Royal Melbourne Hospital and headed the research.

GEOFF LINDEMAN: Sustained exposure to female hormones will increase risk. That could be in the form of early menstrual periods or a late age of onset for menopause, even taking hormone tablets. But really the reasons for this haven’t been well understood at all.

In this case what we’ve discovered is that the stem cell in the breast is exquisitely sensitive to female hormones even though it even lacks sensors for the female hormones.”

Link between breast cancer and hormones [Link]

What About Sexual Lubricants?

They in the main contain Benzene based preservatives which are a cause of cancers, leukemia and immune system failure. Benzene is a Xeno-estrogen and just like HRT and the pill muck about with our hormones.

“Many personal lubricants contain parabens, which mimic the action of estrogen in the body. These substances have been linked to increased risk of cancer. Additionally, glycerin, another common ingredient in personal lubricants, has been implicated in yeast infections in women. As a result, some personal lubricant manufacturers have begun offering “green” formulas and products without paraben and glycerin.”

Dangers of Personal Lubricant [Link]

What about immune damage? No one talks about what happened in the 80’s to the gays.

“Were new lubricants introduced to the gay community in 1978? Previously, gay men had used KY jelly, Crisco, or baby oil for anal sex but in 1978 there were new lubricants introduced and heavily marketed to the gay community, viz., Lube and Performance, as advertisements in back issues of gay periodicals show. As a matter of fact, 1978 marked the dawn of “special” lubricants, both “hot” and regular, formulated for and used by gay men.

They were all oil-based and contained very high amounts of acetone and benzoic acid in them. The oils were, like the bad olive oil in Madrid, “denatured.” Curiously, as these lubricants became available to gay men in other countries, via mail order, AIDS began to appear in those places.”

Benzene, Lubricants And Aids [Link]

In 1986 they also removed lead and allowed the petrol companies to put between 3-5% of Benzene into our fuel.

David Warren the inventor of the black box told parliament to put a simple filter over the exhaust pipe to remove the lead, no one listened. So a quick look at Durban and we see a place where the rates of Leukemia are 20 times the average and HIV/AIDS rates are the highest in the world.

No one measured these Benzene levels there, the residents of South Durban had to make their own measuring systems and do it themselves. But they spent millions to test the residents for HIV.

“Benzene Levels of benzene in the Sasolburg and Durban sample were recorded at 29 parts per billion (ppb). This is the highest benzene concentration ever detected in a bucket air sample around a petroleum refinery. This was eight times higher than the USA ambient air standard according to Dr Wilma Subra, technical analyst for the samples taken in South Africa.

Benzene is a known human carcinogen. Long-term exposure to benzene in the air can cause leukaemia and anaemia. Breathing benzene can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and unconsciousness. It can also cause excessive bleeding and can affect the immune system.”

What is the bucket? [Link]

Is anyone worried yet?

We all breathe Benzene daily, of course the increase in throat cancers is blamed on the wart virus so the next campaign is telling us to inject young boys because oral sex is causing HPV infection and cancer.

It’s a case of 2+2=5

“Blame sex” gets the headlines going, but what is causing an increase in throat cancers? To me it’s obvious there are other causes and I wait at bus stops and smell this stuff:

Prof. Bill McCarthy, Executive Director of the Sydney Melanoma Unit, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, is extremely concerned about the benzene levels in Sydney’s centre and under aeroplane flight paths.1 Dr Michael Dawson and Noel Child have taken benzene levels in Sydney and shown they are extremely high. Average levels were at 4.1 parts per billion (ppb) in summer and 7.6 ppb in winter, peaking at 12 ppb and 25 ppb respectively.

“Benzene levels in fuels are around 2-3%, but total aromatics are between 20-40%. It is important to realise that when these aromatics are combusted, a large percentage comes out in the exhaust as benzene-so the levels of benzene would be much higher than first expected.”

This is what Dr. Warren said years ago. Dr. Warren’s report was read to an empty House in the Victorian Parliament in 1983. The decision to replace lead in petrol was already party policy.

In a speech to members of the automobile club of Victoria in February 1993, Dr Warren said, “In fact this stuff [aromatic additives] appears to be so dangerous, potentially lethal, that I urge you not to use it in any car not fitted with a catalytic converter. Don’t use it in your mower, chainsaw, whipper snipper or outboard, and don’t wash parts in it, and if any gets on your skin wash it off immediately. Avoid the fumes when refuelling and don’t allow anyone near the exhaust, particularly when the exhaust is cold. Remember that catalytic converters don’t work until they reach some 400 degrees.”

Unleaded petrol: have we been told the full story? [Link]

So the risk from the Wart virus is actually caused by DNA hypomethylation, the Wart ‘virus’ depletes nutrients from the areas it sets up in and DNA hypomethylation is the main initiation event in cancer causation.

Poisons like Benzene also cause DNA hypomethylation and so do many drugs so if you are rubbing sexual lubricants laced with parabens into your soft tissue it’s expected that cancer can happen.

And DNA hypomethylation in my opinion makes the wart virus come out of keratin cells, it’s not transmitted and always there but I know that’s too radical for everyone, it just fits the data. (:

Detection of keratin subtypes in routinely processed cervical tissue: implications for tumour classification and the study of cervix cancer aetiology.[Link]

That’s another story…..

This is all quite easily addressed with the right education about diet though.

The new science of Epigenetics confirms everything that nutritionists have been saying for years, our DNA can change and things can go wrong if we don’t eat the right foods.

It also contradicts drug and vaccine therapy as useful therapies on their own because these interventionist therapies almost invariably deplete the very nutrients that protect us from disease.

As this study says low Folate raises your risk of warts and cervical cancer.

If ‘Global DNA hypomethylation’ is the main risk of getting cancer then low levels of Folic acid, B12, B6, Choline and Selenium are also risk factors as these things are need to stop DNA hypomethylation.

“Lower folate status was associated with high-risk HPV infection (P = 0.031) and with a diagnosis of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or invasive cervical cancer (P < 0.05). Global DNA hypomethylation was greater in women with invasive cervical cancer than all other groups.”

Folate Status and Aberrant DNA Methylation Are Associated With HPV Infection and Cervical Pathogenesis [Link]

I hope this sheds some light on the issue.

3 thoughts on “Why The Wart Virus is Not the Cause of Cervical Cancer

  1. Well done, Cal. This article implicates all the usual suspects, whilst giving us a new and positive focus on how to prevent, or at least minimize, these diseases of “civilization” by natural means. One wonders why the many and various cancer “charities” aren’t making this information part of the common currency !!

  2. My God, I’m floored, you’ve suddenly made things so very clear in so many ways. Benzine makes so much sense, it’s just everywhere.
    @Tim: it’s easier to sell a cure than prevention, which can’t sell as many pharmaceutical products. Seems these cancer research and charities all tied into pharma somehow.

  3. I stumbled on this article rather late, and thank you for posting it.

    I was diagnosed with cervical cancer six years ago — and told, without any data or justification whatsoever, that I had a “sexually transmitted disease.” Let’s just say, the rats were the first to leave this sinking ship, and I’ve met better people since then.

    And then, through three biopsies, I didn’t have cancer. Maybe it was the alternative treatments I did, or the fact that they never quite share the parameters/data around what they consider “invasive” or not and when “precancerous” becomes “cancerous.”

    Based on this flimsiest of diagnoses, I was told I would probably have to get a “radical” hysterectomy right away and hormone replacement therapy because I’d go into menopause at 41. (Just so you’ll know how risky this all is, my health is still messed up from all those biopsies, and I had a very bad reaction to “low-dose” birth-control pills in the ’80s.)

    But about the HPV theory, I didn’t even need to look into that, because I already had, back in 2000, when doing research for an article that unfortunately was never published in a South African women’s magazine. You see, much of the science-fictional research on HPV came from the University of Witwatersrand.

    I also had a lead on how women’s immunity, and hence susceptibility to cancer, was correlated with self-esteem. And guess which country had a high rate of both domestic abuse and cervical cancer? South Africa. I found some article like, “X percent of Cape Town men admit to hitting ‘their’ women.”

    So let’s add low self-esteem and women’s crappy status in this world — including submitting quietly to contaminated, ineffective vaccines — to the list of what causes cervical cancer. After all, it says a lot about women’s lack of self-respect that they daily submit to artificial hormonal control, disfiguring surgeries, painful diagnostic procedures, the indignities of C-section and other medical interventions in childbirth, and, let’s face it, just plain awful, 19th-century gynecological care.

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